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01-24-2013, 08:20 AM
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So I'm always a fan of trying to find comparables and basing estimates of of them.

Like people have been saying, it's hard to find comparables to Perry because most recent contracts (ie contracts signed when the cap was close to the current cap) involve trickery like front-loading.

But there is one historical period that I think might apply. And that's right after the 2004-2005 lockout. It's right after a lockout. A new system is in place. And it was before the fad of unevenly weighted contracts. Premium FAs at that time regularly signed for 6-7 million dollars. Niedermayer = 6.8. Pronger = 6.3. Iginla = 7. Hossa = 6.

6.5 million compared to 2005's cap would be equivalent to 10.8 million with a 65M cap. So considering all the similarities, I think Perry could get 9 million.

Now like BRG said, the distribution has changed a lot since then. Back then the salaries were more haves and have nots, while now the top stars haven't had much increase in salary while the upper middle class has really grown. But I think it's just something interesting to note.

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