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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
how long since the leafs made the playoffs much less had a reasonable shot at success in the playoffs. the caps have failed in the playoffs for certain, but they have had a reasonable shot each season and have gone game 7 in the second round twice.

equating the leafs missing the playoffs every season and the caps choking or failing in the 2nd round of the playoffs are not remotely the same thing. how have the pens done since their cup? is shero on the hot seat?

I think that many Leaf's fans are like many Wing's fans... a different breed in that there's more community support from being an original 6 team. Those type fans don't follow the sport that closely (as we do), and after hearing about a few wins, get it into their heads that their team is a Cup contender.

Give you an example: I ran the electronic repair division in MI for Sear's Product Services for a while, and in 1997, just as the Wing's were poised to win the last game of the semi-finals, and go on to play (and win) the Flyers, I had to speak with a lady who was quite irate about one of the service technicians. I quelled the problem, and the lady really liked me... so she was trying to make small talk with me... and told me that she was a real "Red Wings Fan" and asked me if I was going to watch the big game (the clincher: semi-final game against the Stars).

I said:"Of course, and you know what happens if we win, right?"

She got a funny look on her face, and then said:

Lady customer: "We go to the bowl.... right?"

I've remembered that fondly for years. But that's the level of many of these type fans, and until only recently (during AO's addition to the team), the Caps had very few camp follower types like that nice lady.

So I'd have to say that until recently, only a very few could look at the team during McPhee's tenure, and believe that we had a reasonable chance.

The truth is... we weren't even close. The best we've ever done (excluding Poile's team)... was to make it half-way.

And to me.... half-way isn't close.

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