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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
By stating I could care less about the cap and Stan Bowman obviously doesnt care that fans worry more about the cap then he does? I mean, if the Oduya signing wasnt proof positive......
Yup, you are nuts. The cap may be the only thing Stan Bowman knows how to deal with.

The point is I dont care about the cap when it comes to winning a Cup. Crawford proved what in 2011? That he had moments where he was servicable yet still stunk up the joint when it mattered? Sorry, I cant blame the Hawks in front of him when his job is to stop pucks. And again, that was two years ago. There is no magic wand that can revert Crawford to what many here think he was that year and this year, every time theres offensive pressure from the oppossing team I, as an honest, casual observer, have no faith in Crawford and thats in just only two games.

I won a ton of money playing the lottery three years ago. I dont buy a ticket thinking I will magicly win another huge amount of money, just sayin.
What ******** revisionist history. He was very good in 2011. .917 sv% and an excellent 7 playoff games against Vancouver.

Then get rid of Hossa next year and keep Lu. Its that simple. Dont let this sudden play by Hossa cloud your judgement when age says his decline will be sooner rather then later. Goalies tend to age better anyway.
I just don't know of any other way to explain this to you. Luongo has maybe 3 more decent years? So even if you buy out Hossa and don't have to deal with his cap hit down the road you are still dealing with Luongo's for half a dozen years when he is either ineffective or retired. It's still a problem.

Stability in goal?
And holes elsewhere...

And in the Hawks case, putting them closer to being a huge cup contender. I wont change my opinion, this team would be better with a proven, and imo, elite goalie then a roll of the dice hoping for a good game Crawford.

And no offense, but the Canucks would also being doing the Hawks a favor putting them into the position to fill possiblt their biggest weakness, just sayin.
The Canucks would be making Stan the laughing stock of the league if he traded Lu for Bolland. They would be killing the Hawks down the road.

The Hawks won a Cup. They don't have to sacrifice their long-term ability to compete to win now.

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