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01-24-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
MB is just making it worse by dragging this out...
The longer he waits, the harder it is for him to cave bc it sends bad message to others that if u play hardball, he'll cave.

For subban, with the lockout prep, he was already getting comfortable with the idea of no hockey this year... Think Meehan will let him give in now? Doubt it.

Habs have way more to lose, no subban this year hurts us, & subban can go play in Europe (I'm sure his khl offers are substantial) to get "playing" again... Can the habs really afford to let his value slip away just to prove a point?

Just suck it up, get the 6 year deal signed, and star spinning the positive PR already
Both sides are making it worse at this point...

This is like Ross & Rachel from Friends lol...we all know you two love each other, just stop with the charades already.

The Habs are playing hardball with Subban because they know how much he's invested in their organization, he LOVES the Habs and if there was any doubt about it, just read Stubbs article

While PK is playing hardball beacuse he believes he's way too important to the Habs organization, on and off the ice and he's betting on that...

But both sides need to look at the end game here...

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