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01-24-2013, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Dreger was on TSN 690 this morning and if I recall correctly he said PK wouldn't have a problem taking a 2year deal, but the problem is that even for a short term deal, he's looking at a similar cap hit to the long term deal, which makes complete sense.

As it was reported, Habs are trying to get away with a short term deal, at a cheap price. It seems they just want to squeeze two more years out of PK.
Montreal has enjoyed PK at an overwhelmingly cheap price these past two years. Their way of thanking him and acknowledging that, is by trying to squeak another 2years at a very cheap price. It's ridiculous.

They have to negotiate. But when Bobby Mac says they are 2-3M apart, after saying Habs are offering him 2.75M, this means PK is looking to get around 4.5-5.5M. How are they still so far apart though? Why have they not come to a just middle? 2y at 3.75-4.25M. I don't see why PK would refuse such a deal, especially after his words. So you have to think, it's more likely that Bergevin doesn't want to negotiate.
If he did, you'd have to also think there's no way he'd let a week go by before starting talks again.
You want to make a deal? PK is at home doing nothing and waiting, set up a meeting ASAP and don't leave until you guys come to an agreement. Easily doable. I said, PK will have to wrap his head around the idea that he's not going to get a long term deal right now

But Habs need to recognize that offering him anything under 4M, at the very least, is just not a fair starting point.

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