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01-24-2013, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
And what were they spending? And what were their outside of hockey plans? That is something that GJ said he would bring. He would be focused on other events at that would increase revenue for his group as well as the city of Glendale.

There is more to look at than just the hockey team.
Do you honestly believe GJ is some sort of second coming? His first move will be to raise ticket prices, charge for parking and supposedly institute a grandiose new marketing scheme designed to lure thousands more! Higher prices will drive away customers, and what is he going to differently with the marketing that the NHL has not already tried? Payroll increase and better players! With what money? It is patently clear that the issue has something to do with money and/or that he never intended to buy this albatross but is play acting for GB`s better interests. Two or more weeks ago he claimed that the deal was set to go he just needed to meet with the GB and the BOG to finalize his commitment. Well, that time has come and gone and once again the masked man has gone underground avoiding the media, the fans, the COG etc. Does this look like a guy who is well financed and ready to get to work selling his dream to the fans and anyone else who cares to listen to his charade?

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