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01-24-2013, 09:18 AM
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I had no idea there were such little amount of Ranger Fans in NY. i know they have so many other legend teams, but i figured in winter with no Yankees or NFL and only Knicks on, and i figured if knicks are doing so bad, that since nothing else is going on, that the majority of the city would be all over them. i guess i was wrong. Mayday, i'd love to know.. how about in 94 when they won the CUP and Messier guaranteed Gm 6, and you had Leetch, Richter, etc.. were the Rangers at least the talk of town during that era?? was hockey still big in the city, or never was?? thanks


Great to hear, and that shocks me because Blues are not really that loaded up with talent and excitement. They are a defensive team that plays a lot of 2-0 games. Now Pittsburgh is lucky as hell, they have the 2 best players in the world in Sid and Malkin, they have won a cup recently, are always good and they even had the best ever in Mario for a long time and won many cups with them. Imagine if STL had all those players?? my god... i can just imagine where STL would be today. I hope they get a real star one day. And finally, it shocks me stl doing this good and caring because the Cards are so so big in STL, they win world series, they are competitive and i know STL is the biggest baseball town in the U.S.. so i am shocked they even thought of hockey.

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