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01-24-2013, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Bobby Mac said Habs are offering PK 2.75M. He also said they are about 2-3M apart.
That means PK, at the most, is asking between 4.75-5.75M.
However, Stubbs just said PK isn't asking for Doughty money, at all. Meaning, he's probably not asking for 5.75M.
So what gives?? How is PK the one vilified here?? Not going to blame the RDS guys for riding on the Bergevin side, they finally get access to the GM and coach, they love them for taking part in their shows and being so open to them, so very easy to predict they would back him up.

But fans?? I don't get it. I also don't understand how any fan would want PK to sign on a cheap long term deal. Really, doesn't make any sense. People should want this kid locked up on a long term deal at a decent price, which is what he's apparently asking for.
It's not about wanting or not wanting this kid...

Price Pacioretty Gorges and on and on all followed Management business rule of a transition contract.....Why should PK not have to as well?

I'll argue that Price is MUCH MUCH more important to this team then PK and he didn't fuss. He signed and played out his transition contract and got rewarded for it in the end.

I say if PK doesn;t want to sign a transition contract then trade him.
Montreal has the likes of Tinordi, Beaulieu and Ellis waiting in the wings and bringing in a guy ala Benn would suit thsi team just fine.

From al the suggested comments from players and news outlets it's not like Subban is apprecited in his own locker room either. This guy thinks he'sigger then the team.

While I'd love to keep PK, I would not keep him at any cost.

Signing him to a long term big money deal now would send the wrong message to the other young stars on this team and more then likely create some anomisty in the dressing room.

If PK doesn't want to be part of the Montreal Canadiesn then let's move on and get someone that does want to be part of a TEAM!

Maybe Edmonton would be interested!

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