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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post

I had no idea there were such little amount of Ranger Fans in NY. i know they have so many other legend teams, but i figured in winter with no Yankees or NFL and only Knicks on, and i figured if knicks are doing so bad, that since nothing else is going on, that the majority of the city would be all over them. i guess i was wrong. Mayday, i'd love to know.. how about in 94 when they won the CUP and Messier guaranteed Gm 6, and you had Leetch, Richter, etc.. were the Rangers at least the talk of town during that era?? was hockey still big in the city, or never was?? thanks
Don't get me wrong - there are a lot of Ranger fans. I'm just saying they are smaller as a percentage of people than in a lot of those other cities. Part of that is because NYC is so big.

Can't speak to 94. I moved to the area in 99. The Rangers were kind of at a low point at that time (late-90s, early 00s). They missed the playoffs 7 years in a row. They were still getting good attendance, but I remember it was always really easy to walk up to MSG on gameday and buy tickets at face value. They became more popular again after the 04-05 lockout, when they became more competitive again.

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