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01-24-2013, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
Well, of course you would have. But the Mets correctly had zero interest in the guy's career .275 OBP, or his complete inability to throw out base-stealers. Arencibia was always a non-starter for the Mets. It had to be D'Arnaud.
I think his hitting will be fine, he's been a great hitter his whole life, he was MVP of the PCL the year he debut with the jays. However you are right about his defence he is flat out awful. Never mind how horrible he is trying to throw out base stealers, but horrible pitch calling. He said in an interview once he calls pitches based on what he thinks would be difficult to hit Not only that but he refuses to block the plate, he's too scared. Anytime there is a play at the plate he's positioned 5 feet in front of it, then tries to reach back. I won't even get started on his ability to block. Anyways, point is, as you've said correctly D'Arnaud was the far more valuable piece for the mets than Arencibia would have been. The Jays gave up A LOT for Dickey

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