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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
Agreed. Back when I was more interested in this topic I figured out that splitting the CTZ squads is the key to an alignment that everybody can live with. If you keep all 6 of them together, then you are asking two ETZ clubs (and they'll be Detroit + Columbus) to play a ton of road starts 1 hour behind. All to keep those 'sacred groupings' intact, as you called them. Quite frankly, that ain't fair. Detroit has shouldered the burden long enough and they deserve to have another ETZ division/conference rival besides the hapless Blue Jackets.

You can separate the CTZ clubs into three pairs: MIN/WPG, CHI/STL, and DAL/NAS. Or you could group them in two trios: MIN/WPG/CHI and DAL/STL/NAS. One group, and the most obvious candidate is the one that includes MIN/WPG, has to move into a div/conf with ETZ clubs to create some balance in the time zone burden. Otherwise this whole exercise is just a lot of fan****ing.

tl; dr version: a realignment that keeps all the CTZ clubs together isn't fair and shouldn't be done. Split 'em up!
All nice thoughts, and very interesting. As a Wild fan, I wouldn't mind being in a division with Boston/Montreal and etc.

However, there is a bit of a conundrum with this sort of arrangement (I speak generically of an alignment with 1 western conf and 3 that share the CTZ and ETZ).

And, that conundrum is: The normal breakdown goes:
1) North Central and Northeast
2) Mid Central and Middle Atlantic
3) South Central and Southeast

I know it is probably a possible flamefest to bring this up, so I am sorry. But, it seems to me that, in all such arrangements, the southern part will consist of teams with high potential to struggle at the gate.

Dallas, Nashville, Columbus, Carolina, Tampa, Florida.....

In an ideal world, where gate revenue was even across all teams, I think this idea would be great. Perfect, in fact.

But, in the real world, I am left feeling "Not so sure..."

Does anyone share my concerns?

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