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01-24-2013, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Mats NAslund View Post
It's not about wanting or not wanting this kid...

Price Pacioretty Gorges and on and on all followed Management business rule of a transition contract.....Why should PK not have to as well?

I'll argue that Price is MUCH MUCH more important to this team then PK and he didn't fuss. He signed and played out his transition contract and got rewarded for it in the end.

I say if PK doesn;t want to sign a transition contract then trade him.
Montreal has the likes of Tinordi, Beaulieu and Ellis waiting in the wings and bringing in a guy ala Benn would suit thsi team just fine.

From al the suggested comments from players and news outlets it's not like Subban is apprecited in his own locker room either. This guy thinks he'sigger then the team.

While I'd love to keep PK, I would not keep him at any cost.

Signing him to a long term big money deal now would send the wrong message to the other young stars on this team and more then likely create some anomisty in the dressing room.

If PK doesn't want to be part of the Montreal Canadiesn then let's move on and get someone that does want to be part of a TEAM!

Maybe Edmonton would be interested!
Dude, are you even following the news?

First, you can't compare MaxPac or Gorges or Price's transition deals as to PK's. If I have to explain why, then you need to go back to read the old threads. It's been discussed countless of times.

Second, say you do want to stick to a bridge contract. That's fine. But offer him properly yearly value, not 2.75M.

Third, non of our prospects are set to even come close to what PK is. Not one.

Fourth, you want to trade PK, an unsigned player, for Benn, another one holding out. smart.

Fifth, there's absolutely no reason to think the guys in the locker room have any beef with PK. This is nothing more than BS spewed out by media and their interpretation. You just ate it right now.

Sixth, how exactly does signing PK long term send a bad message? This is the dumbest crap I've read. You have a young player that has played extremely well to the point where he became our #1 Dman and did well. You thank him by giving him a longer deal. Wait a second, you have a kid playing well, making All-Star rookie team, becoming your #1 Dman, and you give him a long term deal for it?? What?!??!?! Horrible message!!!! And the old veterans that are overpaid in the locker room are going to be little babies after they locked out the NHL for the EXACT SAME REASON and be jealous??...What?? How does this make sense in your head?

Seventh, did you read the Stubbs article. Subban says about a million times how he wants to play here.

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