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Originally Posted by thepatient View Post
I play at york too. Like others have said some refs are good, while others are awful. I understand not having the best refs, missing calls, letting stuff like offsides and icings slip to speed up the game because you want to go home. It's when it's a safety issue that really pisses me off. Too many games I've seen get out of hand because the refs wait too long to make a call. When the refs call everything, there tends to be less rough stuff.
Completely agree - my main beef was with the lack of safety. If more small/medium stuff was called, there would be less escalation and less major incidents would occur.

I know that even good refs make mistakes (of course) but also know how to keep things from escalating. The psychopath ones seem to enjoy the escalation.

Originally Posted by Slats432 View Post
Obviously we have all had good and bad refs as players. As a ref, for me, one of the biggest problems is that guys get burnt out reffing the a-hole players. (I am in Edmonton and there are lots of good and bad refs.)

The two or three guys on every team that kill the enjoyment for the refs and everyone involved. Yes, your team has them, every team does.

Good example yesterday. Men's game, a little chippy, five minors called in the first 10 minutes. Next play, large player does hard rub out of player in the corner, I call it. On the way to the box, "For christ sake, how many penalties have you guys called, put the ****ing whistles away."

Each day like that brings one day closer to when I say, screw it, not worth it, too many idiots.

What happens when the good refs leave? Gong shows.

(Just a little from the other side. )
Sounds like you are good ref.. I'd rather see more small calls to prevent things from flaring up. Keep the a-holes in the box and I hope they don't cause another good ref to quit.

Originally Posted by You Like Boyce View Post
Being up at the bar after we saw a few fights including one which finished with a guy getting dummied and the other plug doing the championship belt celly after, come on man.
I wish these guys would be just straight up banned from the league. There is no place for that in non-contact adult rec. I sometimes wonder why other teams don't kick these guys off their team. We all have work in the morning - well maybe not that guy .

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