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01-24-2013, 10:14 AM
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Yeah I have no idea what Jafar is talking about here, I think he just kinda vetoed off the cuff automatically and now is just continuing to veto.

I can certainly see why people vetoed this in favor of Boston, but I probably would have been okay with it. Basically, it's the difference between having an upper-half #1 DMan here (#43-#63 is normally a huge run on #1 Ds with some forwards sprinkled in) for a bottom-third #1 DMan and an average 2nd line winger (although I'm 95% sure that VanI wasn't moving up for a D).

With how important #1 DMen are in this thing and how many minutes they play, I probably would have accepted this. As I said, the pick jump here is insanely big so I can see why people vetoed because Boston was getting a lot of picks here. But having said that our job isn't to make everything perfect. If people want to make a trade, our job is only to veto the truly outlandish ones. One thing that would help in that regard I think is if people posted WHY they want to make the trade along with the pick numbers.

Thanks to Bubba Boot for at least being understanding in this mess.

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