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01-24-2013, 10:16 AM
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Anyone else having this problem with Rangers Ticket Account/Ticketsnow?

Situation: 6 seats. Forwarded 2 and had other 4 for sale on Ticketsnow (through Rangers account). Sold on stubhub and cancelled the 4 for sale on Ticketsnow. But, when I go back to my account to print, it lumps the 4 (which I should still have access to) with the 2 (which I already forwarded) and says I forwarded ALL 6 to the original (guy who got the first 2). So basically 4 seats are in electronic limbo!

I tried my rep (Boris), but he is out sick. Talked to a female yesterday, said she would ask other reps, NEVER got back to me (I hate that! If you say you are going to call back, do so!). Called today, different guy, says he will ask around and get back to me. We will see!

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