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01-24-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by oilfan09 View Post
I play NYR but he doesn't really reply to messages and seems like he gave up on his team already.....Would hate to lose to him because of sim due to my weak Defense
Nice try bud. I had 4 gms this sim 2 vs Phi(which we played) Mtl.(which I PM'ed) and Boston(who I haven't played in three seasons.

I never said I was giving up. There is method to my madness. And yes I do hate my team.

Nice try on trying to get me punted though.

Your the guy that cheaped out when the game kept repeating the last 1:38 of the period and when I finally put the controller down to let the period run so the game would stop glitching you sat there and lifted my stick for a minute then scored to take the lead. Then I PM you classy you respond after the game what I thought we were playing.

Pound sand.

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