Thread: Proposal: NY Rangers MUST sign Arnott
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01-24-2013, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
When you're tight against the cap, you have to make sacrifices in certain areas. Because we have nearly half of our cap tied up in 4 players, we have to have some less than ideal players in the lineup. That's just how hockey works in the cap era. You can't have stellar depth at every position. It just doesn't work like that.

If someone comes along that the Rangers feel is a better option, and they can fit him under the cap, then they'll try to acquire him.

Some top contenders have a great 3rd line center that can be a top-six center if need be, but they lack depth in other areas. Pittsburgh has great strength down the wings, but if James Neal goes down, their next best winger is Chris Kunitz. Not exactly "ideal" by any means.
I agree with your sentiment concerning other teams depth at certain positions, and I agree cap space is a concern for this summer for the Rangers with their RFAs.

On the first point I think center depth is probably more important than wing depth.

On the second point, they would be looking for pure rentals or one year deals which would fit this year and still leave them with some space for minor moves.

Seem to me the market for rentals will just get more expensive, but on the other hand teams do not have any reason to give up players until they know where in the standings they will fall.

My concern is literally two places for the Rangers, center depth and possible 3rd pair D albeit Eminger looked okay last night there.

Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
I'd look more to a guy like Brule or Langkow than Arnott if I wanted to add depth
I'm speculating of course, but I think Langkow wants a top 6 role or retirement. I seem to remember something about him and Doan talking about how hard it was for Langkow to be dropped to the Coyotes 3rd line.

Brule was a interesting prospect but things seemed to go wrong and not just with one team. If he was willing to sign a very cheap UFA contract I think he may be worth investigating.

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