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01-24-2013, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Dacop View Post
Maybe, my interpretation is wrong, but I would say he says "I want Nino Niederreiter on a team, that believes in him and that gives him a chance or that the Islanders offer him this opportunity"

It seems to me, that Rufener wants to put some pressure on the Islanders.

Yeah I think that's what he wants.

Nino told fans at a fan event, that his agent is the one who made the call for a trade demand. Nino's showing his immaturity. First with acting entitled to an NHL roster spot and later trying to avoid criticism for asking for a trade. He's saying he's just gonna control what he can, which is his on ice play and he will follow his agent's advice.

His agent is talking about, how tough the next contract talks will be with Snow.
I thought Kabanov would be the high maintenance prospect, the one needing his shoulder patted and encouraging words

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