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01-24-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Habtchum View Post
Have you read the interview with him in the Montreal Gazette today ?

Theze are His words,not fiction.
I did read it. And I just read again. Your comment is your interpretation. No where does it say he isn't listening to his agent. No where does it say he disrespects his coach or management. If there were issues last year between him and coaches. That was due to last year's crew. And PK was probably not the only one frutrated with the situation.

So yes, your judgement about PK being higher than the Habs was baseless.

Originally Posted by HomaridII View Post
In my opinion, and its just my opinion, the big problem isn't the money, but the term of the contract.

I believe Habs want 2 years, Subban wants a long term deal.

I am not a talent evaluator, nor a scout, but my personal believe is that it is stupid not to sign him to a long term deal at 4-5 million.

But I also do not like some of his comments, like saying he wants to be paid what he thinks he is worth, etc.. honestly those comments are part of PK being PK, what makes him great and why we all love him, but they are also typical of what gets him in trouble sometimes, he has a very high opinion of himself, which gives him great confidence and the ability to play shutdown D against Crosby in his first playoff game, but also makes him come across as cocky, selfish and arrogant. Can't have one without the other IMO ... Hal Gill said it best when he said after he left, that you have to let PK be PK, you don't change him .. but you have to understand, that means you get some bad with the good too.

Originally Posted by Kenny Powders View Post
Blinded by love. If the guys in the room wanted Subban, they wouldve call for it in the media. He's not 100% loved and it shows.
I'm not blinded by love. That's just a silly argument people use to undermine other people's opinions. I'm all for signing PK. But at the right price. If he's too demanding, I'm not against trading him.

It would be unprofessional for payers in the room to call out for or against Subban. They know the sport is a business. And how much other players make is none of their concern. And the players have showed neutrality so far. They don't want to know or get involved in other players signings. As much as they don't want others involved in theirs. That's called professional etiquette. And I strongly doubt the players will judge PK on his contract. Otherwise, Gomez would not have been so loved in the room.

Try again some other time.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
You realize Stubbs had a 1 on 1 with PK recently right?? Where PK came out with his words about wanting fair value, etc..
If after this interview, Stubbs says PK isn't looking for Doughty cash, I think there's a very good chance he's right. It could be an opinion, it could also be an off the record statement from PK.
But being a guy that had the chance to talk to PK, I won't believe a random rumor over his words.
I did read it. Twice. No where does it state that PK doesn'T want Doughty money. It only states what PK says. That PK wants his fair value. PK knows he's played very well and has been a huge piece of the team. And he wants to be payed accordingly. That's all that's ever said.

You're right that PK may have mentioned something off the record about the price range. But Stubbs does not mention anything about it.

Personally, I believe it's contract length.

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