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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
You really did pick very different sticks to compare, and it depends on where you like the kickpoint.

T1 = mid kick
Dynasty = low-mid kick
Diablo/Widow = low kick

That's going to change how the sticks load and feel. If you like to feel the stick flexing, go with the T1. If you don't and prefer the stick to feel rigid, go Diablo or Warrior. The Dynasty is somewhere in between and will probably feel comfortable for people that don't really have a preference.

To that end, I've owned and used 75 flex mid kick, 67-70 flex low-mid kick, and dropped all the way to 55 flex for very low kick.

Another way to look at it, if you like to keep your hands close together when you shoot, you're probably better off with a mid kick. If you like to drop your bottom hand down while shooting, low kick might work better.

All the sticks should have good puck feel. Total One should be pretty light and balanced, Diablo and Warrior are pretty light and feel light in the hands, and the Dynasty is just a bit heavier (though still light in general) and feels a bit heavier in the hands.

I had bad luck with the Diablo as the blade broke on my first use, but that could have been a bad stick. I know guys using Widows for 2 years. The Dynasty lasted me about a year of off and on use. I haven't owned a T1 but I think it will be fine for durability.

I will say if you decide to go between the Diablo or Widow, spring for the Widow as I think it's got a bit stronger construction on the blade.
Thanks man, it's hard because I can get both sticks for pretty cheap.

I'll head into my local shop and see how the sticks feel before buying but i'm leaning Total One after reading what you said.

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