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01-24-2013, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Tatanik View Post
And your delusion knows no bounds.

And what ****ing rules am I meant to be quoting? I don't get what your point is.
you wrote
AFAIK there is no clause for a team/player option which there is in Tomas Mojzis' contract.
So scan his contract or quote rules. I know these rules, dont worry. And there is that team/player option is not possible, so I am suprised how could Slovan do that. Maybe verbal deal, which is not binding? Just to remind you, I was only one who claimed that Ryan O´Reilly´s contract with Magnitka wil not be terminated due to end of lockout. And I was right. So??? Man, I know KHL rules. You can claim your b.. to other guys, not me.

Yes, I am in touch with KHL legal department, if you wants to ask me.

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