Thread: Proposal: NY Rangers MUST sign Arnott
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01-24-2013, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Off Sides View Post
I actually stated Arnott was done but I would not expect you to actually read my posts before you commented on them.

Most teams who are somewhat consensually considered contenders have more depth at the center position then the Rangers. It's just the way it is.

Boyle, once again your reading comprehension seems off, I have already stated that behind the Rangers top 6, Boyle is an adequate center, my concern is if either Stepan or Richards becomes injured making Boyle a de-facto top two center. If you want to contend he is a good skater or does not have hands of stone, that is is a fine opinion.
Mixed you up with the OP. My bad. Still, the hate Boyle gets is sickening. And like Trx mentioned, when you have so much money tied up into your elite players, it means a little bit of sacrifice throughout the line-up.

We're sacrificing some scoring depth throughout the line-up. Not at 3C though. Boyle's effectiveness in the offensive zone goes overlooked, because there's a jared staal in the league who was a 3C and screwed some people's perception and expectations of what a third-line center's average point-total should be.

You want a more offensive third-line center? Ok. You're probably not getting someone as good defensively as Boyle. With guys like Richards, Nash, and Gaborik, I think we can use all the defensive help we can get.

Boyle's scored 32 goals over the last two season's, in case you've forgotten. Not exactly terrible production for a 3C.

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