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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
you wrote

So scan his contract or quote rules. I know these rules, dont worry. And there is that team/player option is not possible, so I am suprised how could Slovan do that. Maybe verbal deal, which is not binding? Just to remind you, I was only one who claimed that Ryan O´Reilly´s contract with Magnitka wil not be terminated due to end of lockout. And I was right. So??? Man, I know KHL rules. You can claim your b.. to other guys, not me.

Yes, I am in touch with KHL legal department, if you wants to ask me.
Mojžíš sa s manažmentom nášho klubu dohodol na zmluve do konca sezóny s možnosťou jej predĺženia o rok
Okay, so maybe it is verbal, but it has been stated (like MOST mid-season signings that take place in Europe, especially in January), that there is the option there to extend the deal into the next season, no?

Wow, you are in contact with the KHL legal department? Amazing. Do you want me to name-drop as well? Unlike you I don't usually come onto forums with a point to prove and to be such a pedant.

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