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01-24-2013, 10:47 AM
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Depends where the puck is/where its going.

Take the appropriate angle towards the puck, shielding the opponent
Control your speed - dont see it as "slowing down". I let off the gas a bit, and as soon as I feel the trailer lets off the gas, I gun it opening up a gap between the two, giving me more time to gather the puck and make the appropriate pass.

Regardless, I always suggest going at a good angle (not perpendicular to the end boards) and with speed.

You should communicate with your partner on where he will go so you know where you can play the puck if you dont have time.

If the guy catches on, purposely overskate the puck and he'll continue to follow you, taking himself out of the play. Make sure you have a center there to support and pick up the puck after.

The winger was being proactive. He knew exactly what you were going to do because there was no creativity. He controlled what you were going to do, and you let him.

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