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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
It's really no different than trading JVR's inconsistent ways with that of Luke Schenn's ..they traded potential for potential. Subban has shown more than B Schenn but we really haven't seen what B Schenn has to offer..we saw more with JVR at least and it was inconsistent although injuries didn't help I agree. Subban is ahead of B Schenn obviously and yes we need a D man more than a forward just like with L Schenn vs JVR but I think B Schenn's upside b/c of his toughness has more upside than JVR..although Subban has more upside than L Schenn.

In short, It's hard to say how much of a 1 for 1 Subban for B Schenn would be especially since we would have to give up more for Subban than Schenn so it wouldn't be a 1 for 1 necessarily. I just worry out of desperation for a puck moving D man we give up more than we should....
I don't look @ the Luke Schenn / JVR trade as "potential for potential". One of them (JVR) has the opportunity to be an elite 1st line power-forward, the kind of guy who never becomes available via free agent and is thought of as a franchise player. The other guy (L. Schenn) has no offensive ability or potential. He cannot / will not ever be a true #1 defenseman. His top potential is to become a great shutdown defenseman, which is nice, but those types of players are regularly available via free agency and the absolute best guys in the business @ shutting opponents down while providing no offense barely make that much more than Schenn makes now (as far as cap hit goes).

My issue wasn't with trading JVR, it's with the return we got for him. If Luke was the best we could do, we should've retained him for another year.

Likewise in this situation I'm open to trading B. Schenn (just as I was open to trading JVR). I'm not OK w/ another GM skullf***ing us on the value yet again though. I'd be cool trading Schenn for Subban, but I'm not adding Voracek or Simmonds or Read or something outrageous like that. But if we could get a close to 1 for 1 trade w/ us throwing in a 2nd rounder or something, I'd probably do it. Or if we could trade both Schenns for Subban + another valuable player from the Habs, I'd do that too.

I don't think you really have to worry about Brayden Schenn being traded though, because I just can't see Holmgren and co. trading Brayden while keeping Luke and I think it's tough at this point to move the Schenns in a package deal and get good value for them.

But if Brayden were ever to be traded, I'd root for him to be successful (unless he was with a division rival). And I wouldn't speak poorly about him like a ton of people do w/ JVR. It's really just ridiculous to me how many people knock a 23 year old because he's got consistency issues...

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