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01-24-2013, 10:56 AM
take a peek
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So I signed up for viaplay.

The stuff on live now works and such/tv+moviesas well...

When I link to game center and go the the calender and try to watch previous games I am having issues.

1) cannot watch anything from last nights games. My understanding is most are there 6 hours later as adevertised, its been at least 12.

2) I can watch some of the games from before that, some others no. Also if i cick on a game and it comes up and is playing then switch games, either nothing happens or soemtimes switches but game does not play.


1) Is it sometimes glitchy with previous games?

2) Will I only be able to access previous games regularly from this day forward (the day I registered)? and am I just getting lucky being able to access some of the previous games)?

3) Do the games actually appear usually 6-8 hours later? (ideally I would like to watch next morning as my schedule allows...and really not hyped on watching games 1-2 days later.

3) ---unrelated--- if i just keep subscribing do they continue gamecenter package into playoffs or do I have to pruchas something seperate?

thanks a heap.....any other sens/van fans up in here?

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