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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Caller on Team 690 minutes ago

"PK Subban's attitude reminds of of Terrell Owens and Randy Moss"

Now, I just want to poit out...the caller didn't think of comparing PK Subban's attitude to other known cocky hockey players such as Jeremy Roenick, or Brett Hull...instead, he crossed into another sport, football, to compare him to 2 reknown 'me first' type of players...

As I said can ignore certain issues all you want and act like they don't exist...but they're always there, right beneath the surface
There's still a lot of racism in our society and the hockey world. Some of the critics against Subban comes from it... but so is his popularity... sometimes I feel people treat him like a mascot (and the term mascot is the polite one).

But we can't scream racism to every critic put forward. I have a big problem toward PK's general attitude on the ice and sometimes off the ice and yes his general ego. He seems like a very fun guy, generous with the fans and all, but he seem to have a very big ego and strong personnaly that seems to cause certain problems on and off the ice. I'm concern he might never fully develop his great talent if he doesn't change a little his ways on the ice. That's why, just like MB, I tend to want to wait and see in his case... let's just say, he doesn't have Galchenyuk personnality.

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