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01-24-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Why the hell would PK sign for 3.25-3.5? He's worth more than that. He's a least a 4.5 million dollar player and it's probably closer to 5. If he was a free agent on the open market asking for 6 per at 7 years we wouldn't even hesistate to make that offer. Even if he is overpaid, that's what he could fetch on the market and we'd do that deal, so would tons of other clubs in the league.

He's an RFA, that give us leverage and we can get a bit of a discount. 4.5... maybe, if PK wanted to be nice. But he's a 5 million dollar player and I think we need to recognize this. We've already had him for extremely cheap for a couple of years. He's earned a pay bump and I think it's silly to have a policy that doesn't allow for exceptions.

PK is an exceptional player and there's no reason not to be willing to be a little flexible here. I understand the bridge contract mentality but if the guy doesn't want it, then pay him 5.5 per year at 7 years. It's comparable to Myers, we get him long term, he's paid a little more than he's worth now and by the end he's a bargain. Just meet in the middle and get it done.

If you think he should accept a 3.25 mil contract you don't understand anything. There's no way he should sign that.
If you think he should get 4.5 a year on a 2 year deal, i think YOU don't understand anything

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