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Originally Posted by Ol' Jase View Post
First of all, it would seem you are unaware of the formula of how MSI allocation is determined. It simply isn't a random number inserted into a provincial budget, and the formula is guaranteed until 2015, coincidentally when provincial money for the project is said to be required:
I'm perfectly aware of the formula, what projects are ongoing, and what community projects and community endeavors are typically funded. I'm also aware Edmonton fast tracked in the fund as they chose to use more of their allocation in recent funding years. Meaning less MSI for upcoming years.

You may do well to read this blog: With the blogger actually being an ardent Pro arena, pro downtown supporter who is questioning this MSI use.

After reading that blog, which is simply the best more informative post I've seen on the subject I wonder what you'll say. I'm full of beans hey?

That gives the city approx. $160+ million per year, and it is most definitely NOT all earmarked for capital projects up to completion of the arena project in 2015-16.
What amount would you think is available that is not presently projected, planned.

The idea that leveraging the MSI is somehow "robbing communities to build a downtown arena" is ripped right out of the pages of "How to Scare the Masses and Keep My Northland Perks" by Tony Caterina.
WEll lets see, community rec centers, libraries, fitness centers vs Pro Hockey arena for richstars.

I wonder where I'd rather see the money go. Helping all families establish healthy physical lives and pursuits or funding a Pro Arena where only the wealthy can attend.

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