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Originally Posted by Halifaxhab View Post
I don't think this is really resting on Bergevin. It seems to have alot more to do with Subban at this point.

Now, take it with a grain of salt, but

Apparently Meehan has told Subban to sign a bridge deal, but he wants to get paid top dollar right now.

If that is true, Meehan has been around a long time, and has made life for GMs hell over the years, if he's agreeing with the bridge contract position, than this is looking more and more like Subban becoming the bigger part of the problem than a new GM who doesn't want to cause massive cap issues next year and beyond.
very interesting... doesn't at all fit Meehan's m.o, and Carbo obviously has the kind of connection to the franchise that it wouldn't be so out of reach that he's speculating in favor of the habs.

but if that's true, you'd have to wonder why Meehan would take this stance?

Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
You're talking like subban has already been traded for trash.
no, just that the situation is turning ugly and the longer it takes, the higher the odds of it turning out poorly.

Originally Posted by Vasculio View Post

Come on, stop this melodramatic stuff...
funny, I recall similar comments about the Gomez trade.

it's hockey, so it really is no big deal anyways, we've had 2 decades of mediocre hockey, another decade of it won't change much.

but if you're implying that for the franchise to lose and asset of Subban's quality without getting equal or superior SURE value (picks/prospects are far less "safe" than a 23 year old who has excelled in his first 2 seaons and has steadily improved since being drafted), is NOT a big problem for a franchise trying to get better... then I guess we just disagree.

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