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01-24-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Boris Le Tigre View Post
Also I hope Bergeron is not going to continue the Gainey/PG MO of staffing the club with squares and uneventful church-going personality types.

Conform or be shipped out is no way to build a productive organization (in any arena)...

that is all... until I read something that inspires me to flip flop again.
I hope so to... but in Subban case, it's affecting, imo, his hockey game. How many times has he jumped on the play when it's not time, or cranked up the big gun on the PP with no result instead of going with the smarter play, etc. When PK plays a more simple game, that's when he's great... but PK is PK and so far, he still is showboating a little too much for my taste. Will he change with time ? I hope so... that's my concern, period. For the rest I like him and his enormous talent.

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