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01-24-2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I'm perfectly aware of the formula, what projects are ongoing, and what community projects and community endeavors are typically funded. I'm also aware Edmonton is presently overdrafted in the fund as they chose to use more of their allocation in recent funding years.

What amount would you think is available that is not presently projected, planned.

WEll lets see, community rec centers, libraries, fitness centers vs Pro Hockey arena for richstars.
I wonder where I'd rather see the money go. Helping all families establish healthy physical lives and pursuits or funding a Pro Arena where only the wealthy can attend.
You see this here is misleading Replacement. How many days of the year are the Oilers actually going to be using the new arena, and how many days out of the year will it be used for concerts and other events? I can guarantee you that the Oilers will be using it far less than it will be used for other events. It's an arena first, and a hockey arena second - yes the Oilers are the primary (permanent) tenants, but to so disingenuously disregard what the arena will be used for 75% of the time (just a figure off the top of the head mind you - "IMO" you might say), is well...misleading.

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