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01-24-2013, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by kajoo View Post
vorky, weīre already beating the dead horse. Hereīs why you are completely off now:

letīs sum it up:
  • KHL signed deal with Sport1/2
  • Sport TV decided to put Slovan games on Sport2 channel that covers like 5% of all households

In normal world, itīs usually TVs responsbility to promote their own business activities (like televising games f.e.) because they need to draw as many viewers as possible, to increase their rankings and attract more comercials money. They need to make neough money to cover their initial costs for purchasing TV rights plus something more, to make profit, because generating profit is main purpose of doing business.

I see no reason why HC Slovan Bratislava should waste their resources for promoting private business they have nothing to do with. Itīs private TV that decided to invest into this business by purchasing TV rights for Slovanīs KHL games, and they have full right not only to make money, but also lose money by not capitalising on their investment, as it imo happens nowadays. I dont believe that with such a poor coverage they get back half as much they paid for.

Putting any blame on club is really a lame excuse for someoneīs else bad decision, whether it was KHLīs or TVs bad decision. Slovan have nothing to do with it.
Vorky works for KHL, don't even think he/she'll admit to something being wrong with the league. It's always the fault of club or fans. I've had to witness at firsthand in Finland when a league effs up the tv broadcasting, shame you guys have to endure it as well.

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