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01-24-2013, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Ollie Williams View Post
I always saw the bridge contract as a necessity for the team, but only when it came to players that have a little more to prove. To me, nearly every player falls into this category except for the ones that greatly exceed expectations or the really high draft picks that meet what is expected of them before the "bridge contract" time comes. Pacioretty would be part of the large group of players that needed to prove more. Price, in my opinion, would have been one of the players exempt from the bridge contract had he performed to the expected level before that. I don't think Subban should be exempt from this treatment. Yes he's a great defenseman but I also think he can be better and has a lot more to show.
I guess the difference relies on what you think PK has brought to this team. My opinion is that he has brought more to this team then anyone except price.

Also, if you think PK is a great defenseman and has alot more to show, then it should be even clearer that bridge contract is not needed in his case.

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