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01-24-2013, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I think it is happening more than Hall vs Seguin as certain Canuck fans want validation for the move (not saying you or the majority of Canuck fans).Kassian and Hodgson have nothing in common and what you choose will entirely depend on what you think it more important and unless you your priorities change on a weekly basis this poll will always be the same.

If you want a tough physical potential 2nd line 50-60 point player you'd take Kassian. (ie what the Canucks wanted)
If you want a smaller quicker play maker who has the potential to be a 1st line center but won't dominate a game physically you'd take Hodgson (ie what Buffalo wanted)
I don't understand some of Canucks fans hatred for Hodgson for wanting to further his career cause he was blocked here. I'm happy that arguably the softest team in the league has a guy in the top 9 that can fight and be physically intimidating. I hope Hodgson becomes the #1 centre in Buffalo long-term and becomes all that they want from him, cause Hodgson failing has no effect on how good the Canucks will be, or Kassian for that matter

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