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01-24-2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Whos the anchor tenant? Lets see, Oilers. With expected playoffs could be something like 60dates/year.

Now consider that Rexall will still be operating and likely the lower overhead, lower ticket price, similar attendance type facility. Presumably a healthy amount of acts are still going to be going to Rexall, one of the more successful arenas in the world and operated by Northlands who would have done business with the respective promoters for decades.

Meanwhile Katz has no such concert industry ties, the one he tied his wagon to went under, and who's he gonna call for concert connections. Northlands?

Lets just say the new arena does manage to land another 50 concerts/year. Ticket prices won't dip under 100bucks for Oiler games and I doubt they dip much for concerts.

IF... the Rush or Oil Kings play at the new barn that will be the only affordable entertainment happening there.

I've said along time, and people seem not to believe me, but with all surcharges and ticket tax prices at the new rink will be prohibitively expensive for most families.

I don't have a horse in this race as I won't going anyway. Most pop entertainment these days being just garbage.
Ok, so Oprah comes to town or maybe ACDC and they will want to play in Norhtlands rather than the new arena.....because Northlands has a good thing going. Ummm i don't think so Replacement. They'll go to the new arena because they have a choice. The sound will be better, the facility better overall, and it will seat more. ACDC will still sell out two days in a row anyways. The only reason Northlands has been so successful is because it's the only choice for some acts between Calgary and Edmonton (the Saddledome not being equipped to handle such shows). The Northlands rink has it's days numbered - book it, unless they downsize the seating to around 10,000 and focus on that sized market. Can anyone guess where the money will come for those renos? It won't be from Northlands, i'll tell you that.

You're showing a terrible lack of common sense here in beating a Northlands drum. Not to mention your age with your pop music comment.

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