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01-24-2013, 12:24 PM
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Means they're outta the loop (that's to be expected truthfully) or have been given no firm reassurances as deadline nears. Again, honestly, the passing of the Jan 31st date is to be expected but they are however, seemingly getting antsy.

Joyce Clark‏@clarkjv

After 19 mo emotional roller coaster I remain strong in belief that coyote ownership saga is nearly over. And so should you.
Joyce Clark‏@clarkjv

@Why_Zee @avscoyotes12 Yes there is if deal had been in some kind of danger. But a week away from finality?? No point.
Joyce Clark‏@clarkjv

What it comes down to, is either you believe what Jamison has said and that is, it will be done by Jan 31 or you do not.
Joyce Clark‏

“@gollybass: @gregdunaway right because they would have ANYTHING to gain from doing that” We have lost personal $$ in support of effort.
Last one, then you all need to be looking yourselves

Joyce Clark‏@clarkjv

@AvsCoyotes12 @why_zee Look, the ONLY time to be concerned is AFTER Jan 31
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