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01-24-2013, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
How will the arena benefit families on fixed incomes? Let me know about that.

This is specifically for a very defined portion of the population. Those that think they can afford 100's of bucks for a night of entertainment.

read the blog

It says EXACTLY the same thing.

Mastermaq by the way is the most widely quoted, read, civic minded blogger in Edmonton.

Must be bs though. Do yourself a favor a read it before more gesticulating..
I did read it. I read it when it came out and read it again before I posted. I also read his newest blog on the subject, and after intensive scouring, I can't find any statement that a new arena will have an adverse, and in some cases tragic, effect on the health and well being of the average Edmontonian. Feel free to point out where he says that for us all to see.

Tell me, Replacement, exactly HOW does building an arena downtown adversely affect families with fixed incomes. What SPECIFIC projects are to be scrapped because the richstars need a new place to play hockey. Which EXACT community rec centers and libraries are going to be forced to shut their doors because of this project.

And you have the gall to accuse me of gesticulating...

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