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Originally Posted by Ol' Jase View Post
I did read it. I read it when it came out and read it again before I posted. I also read his newest blog on the subject, and after intensive scouring, I can't find any statement that a new arena will have an adverse, and in some cases tragic, effect on the health and well being of the average Edmontonian. Feel free to point out where he says that for us all to see.

Tell me, Replacement, exactly HOW does building an arena downtown adversely affect families with fixed incomes. What SPECIFIC projects are to be scrapped because the richstars need a new place to play hockey. Which EXACT community rec centers and libraries are going to be forced to shut their doors because of this project.

And you have the gall to accuse me of gesticulating...
Apparently all of this escaped you from the blog. Seems pretty clear to me.

Should we use MSI funding for the arena?

According to the City, the average age of Edmonton’s infrastructure assets is 30 years. At the end of 2011, more than 150 neighbourhoods required renewal. An average annual reinvestment of $400 million over the next three years, plus an average annual reinvestment of $450 million over the 2015-2021 period, is the minimum amount of funding required to renew Edmonton’s existing infrastructure to achieve a reasonable state of repair. This is a big challenge, and MSI funding provides only a piece of the pie.

As shown above, our MSI spend has been more or less equally split between new projects and upgrades or rehabilitation of existing assets. A total of $87.5 million was spent on seven new recreation facilities (either brand new, or additions to existing) from 2007 through 2011. Would we have rather spent all of that on the arena? A number of new projects would need to be postponed if funding was allocated instead to the arena. A total of $384.8 million was approved by Council for recreation and cultural projects in the 2012-2014 Capital Budget.

In a poll earlier this year, two-thirds of Edmontonians opposed provincial funding going toward the new arena.
An equal number supported fast-tracking the southeast LRT line to Mill Woods. It would seem that the use of MSI funding thus far more or less aligns with the desires of Edmontonians, with the largest share going toward transit projects (though not all of that was LRT-related).

This decision would ultimately need to be made by City Council, and as we approach an election next year, I’m not sure many councillors would be willing to take money away from important neighbourhood renewal projects or new facilities like libraries and parks for the arena.
I figured if I bolded it you might see the forest..

Now relax and breathe. We're talking an arena, no need to get all bend out of shape.

ps you know I have gall, you got bladder, together on occasion it leads to **** and vinegar.

I like you anyway. you know that.

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