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01-24-2013, 12:35 PM
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I agree with your assertions on his style of scoring, and I certainly understand how he is sneaky and opportunistic. What I meant by invisible is that he doesn't try to contribute to the team in other ways when the puck isn't going in for him. He won't even try to get into any kind of puck battle in the corner, have a spirited backcheck, maybe even just finish a hit here or there. In my opinion, he just isn't a complete hockey player. That being said Gabby is certainly offensively talented beyond words, and a huge piece of the puzzle for this team...sometimes I wish that I would see some more heart out of him.
this is so wrong. for an offensive animal, gaborik is actually pretty good defensively. he has his moments, but he learned under arguable the best defensive coach ever in Jacques lemaire on the wild.

He is pretty good defenseively and the majority of the time plays both ends of the ice. he throws fairly good hits for a guy his size and has probably a top 5 wrister in the NHL.

He's not flashy and because of that he is so underrated by people. Gaborik is an absolute wizard. Every second he is on the ice he is thinking of the next move. he is one of the best signings the rangers have ever made