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Originally Posted by Hitchslap View Post
Libraries and rec centers? Ever go the library anymore? You'd be the only one in there. The city already has plenty of recreational facilities, outdoor rinks on every corner, new playgrounds in damn near every schoolground... Let's not pretend Edmonton is Detroit.

Only the wealthy can afford to buy season tickets perhaps, but you don't need to be loaded to go to a few games a year. Not to mention concerts and other events.
Every library in the city is crowded. Where you been?

Minimum ticket price in the new arena for hockey will easily be 100bucks/ticket with all charges. Easy. If anybody wants to bet on that.

you think a normal family of 4 is going to plunk down 400buck minimum just to get in? Another 100bucks on concessions?

Remember as well people are engaged in "boomspeak' at the moment. Theres nobody here in the 90's that would be suggesting that people would be spending this kind of money on entertainment back then. Premium Oiler tickets were going for 20bucks pretty much any night right outside of Northlands. Scalpers could barely give them away.

Guess what discretionary spending gets cut first during a downturn?

High priced entertainment.

Guess where were headed?

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