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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
A few things.

People are crazy if they think Subban doesn't have a spot on our D. Who cares if Schultz and Petry are both RHD too. Depth isn't a bad thing(as we're finding out right now). The guy is a top young D-man in the league and has the potential to be a top D-man in the NHL and a Norris winner. He's accomplished some really great things in his two years in the league. He'd also have a very good argument for being our best D-man. In season where we're rolling out Potter and an immobile Whitney, Subban would greatly help this D. Assuming we got him without giving up Petry, Smid or Schultz(x2), we could roll out:


As our top-4 and I would be confident that the group could cope with NHL offenses better than what we have now.

Secondly, in the hypothetical situation that Subban is available(sorry I don't buy it, Montreal isn't dumb) and we're in for him, I don't think it makes sense for this team to trade away any of Petry, Schultz(x2) and Smid. We need to build the D up, not keep it thin in quality. Not saying push comes to shove I wouldn't include any of those guys in the package, but I'd be very hesitant to trade Petry or J. Schultz.

I'd be willing to give up Klefbom + MPS + 1st + no problem. Adding Subban to our current core gives us arguably the scariest young core in the NHL. I'd do everything in power to not add Petry or J. Schultz.

Again I think this is all moot because Montreal won't move Subban. They aren't stupid. Along with Price, he's an elite talent on that team. Contract dispute or not, I doubt they move him at all.
In all honesty, if mont were to trade Subban, It would likely be to the West Conference for obvious reasons. I wouldn't mess around.

Subban and 2013 1st for Yak. Yak will be amazing but we need elite def and an elite center. Not wingers. I dont think Montreal could resist puting the 2 russian rookies together.

**I will add that Monteal could have a top 5 pick this year too

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