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01-24-2013, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Bobcat110 View Post
Guess I'm not seeing the classlessness. I read it as "after all the **** they've been'd think CBJ fans would be the ones who have a right to piss and moan. Yet here they are excited for hockey. So **** fans of 0-2 teams like LA, PHI or NYR."

I guess you see him as being sarcastic or saying Columbus fans are morons for following this team?
I read it as "Columbus is the Joke of the league and hey! Look! I found the most ridiculous picture to prove my point." Look at the tone of his article. Taking shots with lines like "he was photographed looking like this," "I would sign up for his goal-setting workshop," and "Hooray, it could have been worse!" don't sound like words of praising.

You think the writer could get away with this if he wrote about any other franchise in the league? I understand the point of the article but he definitely could have done a better job of getting his point across.

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