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Originally Posted by Steve Bennett View Post
Dozens of experts... I could name 14 off the top of my head

Well it was a big blow to his psychology to be no longer playing for the Canucks. But I know what you're getting at, it's not his fault he was traded...
Dozens of experts huh? How many dozens? 2? 3? Name the 14 off the top of your head and show me where they said Hodgson has gotten worse since coming to Buffalo. Show me anything, video, an article, even a picture of Darren Dreger giving Hodgson the thumbs down will convince me.

What I was getting at is that he was showered with praise by Canucks fans before the trade and after that you would think that he was a piece of garbage. I remember there was some thread on Hodgson arguing how his point production would be even better if he was given more ice time, and all these statistics that Canucks fans provided in an attempt to prove that Hodgson was better than Henrique, Landeskog, etc. If you want to say bad things about Hodgson, say something like 'he broke my heart because he wanted more ice time' don't say stupid things like 'he used to be good but then got worse after being traded from my team'. LOL

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