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01-24-2013, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Anton Dubinchuk View Post
Wow, not really too flattering to Raleigh or the Canes in that list, are ya?

Seeing how the Sounders have taken off in Seattle makes me think it's VERY low-risk as a hockey market. As far as getting a team there, if you bring one, they will come.

As far as our rivals go, we don't have one signature rival but there's certainly some teams we've got some history with. Florida hates us, Jersey hates us, we hate Buffalo, and between those three we've got enough "rivalry" to make up for not having a single enemy.

I do think the similarity exists in that Raleigh was an untapped market that they brought a team to and ultimately had success with. But besides that they're not too much alike. A lot more meth here, a lot more suicide there. At least hockey's indoors though so the games won't get rained out!
Well there aren't too many true rivalries in the NHL thanks to watered down division/conference play. Philly - Pittsburgh, Boston - Montreal, Vancouver - Chicago, Edmonton - Calgary, Toronto - Success.

One thing I wonder about is HRR, merch sales, and the like. I'm not really sure if there's a good way to estimate that or not.

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