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01-24-2013, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Tak7 View Post
Much like in real life, there is a little bit of randomness and variety that the game introduces into the prospect development system.

How much you play a prospect, how well he does, and how well the team does all play a role.

For example, take the exact same prospect and put him into 2 different scenarios:

FIRST - That prospect in your minor league team, is playing first line center, putting up point-per-game numbers, and goes on 2 or 3 really good playoff runs. By 23 or 24 he's probably ready to hit your NHL team, and even give you top 6 minutes.

SECOND - That prospect is in your minor league team, which is awful, and he has no linemates that help him put up points. He struggles to put up 40 points a season, your team fail to make the playoffs. Come 23 or 24, he might be ready for the NHL, or he might not. He won't be as solid a lock as the FIRST scenario discussed.

Minor league success, both on the team and individually, is huge on prospect growth. That's what makes grooming a good young goaltender so challenging in NHL 13.
I definitely agree with this, team success plays a huge role in player development...which is why players are so easy to develop. I'm always finding that I have to trade high quality prospects because it's so easy to guarantee success of your AHL team. Signing a good goalie, and quality forwards to your AHL team who can put up a lot of points is very easy which makes it a lot easier to guarantee your top prospects can also put up a lot of points in the AHL.

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