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01-24-2013, 01:25 PM
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Rick Nash is going to be a beast for this team.

Those 3 or 4 primary chances he's had in each of the last 3 games will start resulting in goals. Great stuff from him.

I was blown away with that cut move he made where he brought it back into the middle of the ice, but then exploded to the goal with one stride and got a good wrister off. Most guys make that move and just hang out in limbo after finishing that move for a 1/2 second, and it allows the D or F to catch up. He is so large and strong in his legs that he literally distanced himself by a skaters length with one push off. That's scary good for a guy with his size, especially when you combine his stick skills.

Ive always loved Nash but never had the privilege of watching him on a nightly basis. Its only been three games and im seeing how much of a freak he is. Insane stuff, really.

Special player

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