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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
and Torts shortened his bench so much that he was putting out the speed guys and as much as I love Thorty, I believe if Torts had of kept rolling all his lines, so too would have Julien and he would have seen more ice but a pure speed game, as I`m sure most of us would agree, isn`t always Thorty`s ideal game.

I said it in another thread, I don`t look at that Rags team, outside of that potent 1st line as a team with much depth. I didn`t think the loss of Anisimov and Prust would affect them as much as it appears to albeit only 3 games in.
I have a feeling that it was less about a short bench and more about Julien being extremely bothered by the type of play ST made. After all, Julien has never been shy about putting out the fourth line regardless of the who is out there, the time of game, and the score. Paille and Campbell still got shifts, and while they can certainly be said to be more suited to a speed game, it has never stopped CJ from putting ST out there with them.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think the biggest thing I can see CJ having a gripe with the turnover that ST had isn't that he flubbed chipping the puck out of the zone, but that he curled away from the play, rather than follow the puck up the boards. That's a play you don't even want out of your finesse players, never mind your bruiser. As it happened, once the chip was flubbed, ST was not even in position to properly contest the puck before it got fired towards the front of the net.

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