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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
you are incorrect on your statement of your rankings and CS. Not sure if it is bias or ignorance, but it is completely wrong with your rankings of most of the US kids.

I listed below each US player, with your ranking and the ranking from you go ahead and claim what you think after reading your rankings. What I have below is a list of those US kids with the rankings you put from CS and THW on your site..this is directly from you..

Seth Jones - CS - 1 - THW -3 ...
Adam Erne - CS - 13 - THW -12 ...first US player ranked higher by you
J.T Compher - CS - 20 - THW -26 ....drop
Ian McCoshen- CS- 21 - THW -36 ....terrible
Ryan Hartman - CS- 25 - THW -38 ....not even close
Justin Bailey - CS -37 - THW - 40 ....drop
Connor Hurley - CS - 32 - THW - 42 ...really??
Steve Santini - CS - 47 - THW -46 .... second US player ranked higher by you
Keaton Thompson - CS - 51 - THW-48 ....third US player ranked higher by you
Ryan Fitzgerald - CS- 46 - THW- 54 ...another big drop
Cole Cassels - CS -60 - THW -65 ...drop
Michael Downing - CS - 49 - THW -69 ..huge drop
Hudson Fasching - CS - 42 - THW - 71 ...huge drop
John Hayden - CS - 59 - THW -72 ...huge drop
Brett Pesce - CS - 36 - THW -77 ....come on...
Michael McCarron - CS-31 - THW -80 ...WHAT???
Jimmy Lodge - CS- 28 - THW - 88 ...Holy crap!! insane..
Ty Hill - CS - 85 - THW - 92 ...Not a huge drop, must have made a mistake...

also add Blake Heinrich -72, Connor Clifton -73, Thomas Vannelli- 77, Luke Johnson -78, Anthony Florentino -79, Zach Sanford -83, Avery Peterson -86, Jason Salvaggio -90, Sean Malone-98, etc as all kids ranked inside the CS top 100 that you completely dropped out of your top 100. Now I can see a number of these kids not getting ranked in the top 100, but every one of them dropped and is not good enough for your top 100???

so that makes 3 out of 18 US players you have ranked in the top 100 that you have ranked higher than where CS has them at... and 2 of those players are ranked ahead by 1 flippin spot, while the majority of these kids see double digit drops according to you...and your going to say there is no agenda here, or that this is coincidence??

you claim to be extremely high on some of these US kids, but the names you are "high" on have massive drops from where CS has them....if you were high on them like you claim (Hartman, McCoshen, etc) they would be ranked first round. Its not even an issue as to Ryan Hartman being a first round pick, the question is if he cracks the top 20...and you have him at 38!

and to the point you missed is that the list that CS has out there is simply pretty bad with the US kids as it stands, some of the kids like Thompson and Santini are ranked nowhere near as low as they have them by other scouts...hell both are top 25 picks with ISS...yet CS has them in the 40's which will likely be changed with their final list..they also ridiculously had Tyler Motte and Will Butcher pathetically low, and you followed suit as well.. it just makes no sense how you have almost every American kid falling in rankings from top to bottom..

if you were a regular poster I wouldnt care less as we all have a bias towards the players we see most..but you are trying to come off more professional than the avergae Joe on here with a website and updates and I am sorry but when I see something this blatant I am going to call you out on it. Central Scouting has 27 American players ranked inside their top 100 (looked fast might have missed 1 or 2), and thats roughly how the past dozen years has gone for the US where we get between 25-30% of the top 100...but your list has 18 US kids out of the top 100, which would pretty much equate to one of the worst drafts in recent memory for the US...something that simply will not happen.
The CS ranking is separated by NA, Europe, and doesn't include goaltenders.

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