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Originally Posted by ErnieLeafs View Post
Being an avid soccer fan, I would love to hear our fans all game. Soccer fans in Europe NEVER shut up. They're always loud, always chanting, always going crazy. It really affects the way road teams play. If the crowd can get in the heads of the opposition, the home team has a distinct advantage.

I would love to see it happen in Toronto, but I don't see it any time soon.
Watch a big match at Old Trafford, or a European Champions League at Old Trafford.

Or go back and check footage of Anfield home games back when they were a decent team.

Opposition teams were beaten before they even stepped onto the pitch.

Go watch last Sunday's 1-1 draw between United and Tottenham. The only reason Tottenham got a draw from that game, is because the fans carried them to the finish line and literally willed the equalizer into the net with the last kick of the game.

Finally - look at the Winnipeg Jets and compare their home record with their away record. Huge difference.

I don't buy the corporate criticism thing. I've been to plenty of games, especially before the lockouts, where the suits at the front of the platinums were just into the game as the rest of us.

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